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TNG's Signature Workshops For 2018!

100 Ways To Let Teens Know You Appreciate Them ? Times have sure enough changed since the time I was a teenager. If you work with teens and are a parent of a teen, this is the ideal workshop to: identify what teens want to learn, what research says about teens, understand keys to appreciating teens and games that keep teens interested.

100 Ways To Graduate From College On Time ? It takes the average person 5 to 7 years to earn a four- year degree. Learn how to develop career goals, take both a personal self-assessment and skill inventory and create an action plan that works. The longer it takes, the more expensive college becomes. It does not have to be this way.

100 Ways To Raise Boys The Positive Way ? Gangs, education and athletics. Two out of the three aforementioned words are synonymous with boys. The dropout rate among boys is higher than it has ever been before. Graduation is at an all-time low. Come learn what boys want and need to achieve, keys to working with boys and take a knowledge- based assessment on boys.

Let's Play-- Again! - We can take anything and make a game of it. You think you are creative? Can you play? The ultimate workshop that allows you to just have some fun playing games and activities! This is the ideal workshop for teamwork. Get ready. Get set. Let's play--again!

A Successful Program Begins With Having A Good Team - It takes a good team to have an effective program. How would you rate your team? Learn the 7 skills that each member must have to succeed; 4 keys to making sure your team is consistent and common problems teams face and how to overcome them.

The Art of Lesson Planning - At TNG? we get results! Neither great company nor good professional team goes through the day or plays a game without a plan. Why should your program be any different? Discover the techniques to effectively create a structured environment throughout the summer! There is no better way to increase one's knowledge than by doing. When this session is over, your Staff will have a plan!

Not Just Another Summer Program Training? - We have trained more than 3,000 municipal employees in the state of Florida. We have taught more than 1,000 FRPA members and have exposed more than 5,000 youth to the keys to success. We do this by using real-life examples. We make learning fun! From program procedures to staff orientation, we know what works!



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