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TNG Associates, Inc. has developed a compilation of characters that perform presentation(s) based upon a group’s individual needs. We tailor the content of the presentation to meet the specific needs, goals and time frame of your organization.

The performances may range from 30 to 60 minutes. The presentation revolves around a variety of topics as they relate to: race, gender, culture, soci-economic status, sexual orientation and more. The development of the characters is the sole property of TNG Associates, Inc. The purpose of each character is to: Inform, educate, inspire and bring about awareness. The following is a list of topics:

Date Rape Character Homophobic Character
Domestic Violent Character Do-The-Right-Thing-Character
Fearful Student Director
Sex Education / Case 2 Poem
Homeless Character Violent Character
Aids Character  




A local citizen who is stricken with aids, shares with a childhood friend the good ole times before he dies.

Date Rape Character:

A gregarious and popular student on campus goes on a date with a fellow classmate. After she refuses his advances, he does the inexplicable—rape. He tells his side of the story by blaming it on her. He refuses to accept responsibility to what took place that night.

Domestic Violence: 

A professional athlete discusses, how as a youngster, domestic violence affected his family. While signing a lucrative contract, the star-athlete is arrested for committing domestic violence.

Do The Right Thing Character:

A once accused/suspended student who is given a second chance talks to his friend (date rate character) about how ‘he' learned his lesson. As he listens to ‘date rape' character's side of the story, he tells him of his disapproval and how, if asked will tell the truth to the rape incident. 


The fictional character who plays the director brings the presentation to an end by expressing his gratitude to the people who shared their experiences.

Drug/Sex Education: 

A 60's character reflects on his personal philosophical view on life. He discuses how we as a society should ‘live and let live.'

Homophobic Character: 

A well-known star athlete confronts his inner demons by admitting he is gay. He is contemplating the inevitable. What will his peers/parents think?

Homeless Character: 

An ex-corporate manager discusses his rise and fall from achieving the American dream. His three-year stay in a homeless shelter takes one on an informative trip discussing sex, drugs, and violence.

Sex Education Character:

A 13-year old 9 th grader reflects on his first sexual experience.

Sex Education Character 2:

A 25-year old African-American male gives his passionate view on sex and his decision to lead a celibate life until he gets married.


The female student who was date-raped by her fellow classmate, shares her experience in a poem.

Violent Character:

A 16-year old delinquent student attributes his troubles to the fact that his parents divorced. Despite his criminal record, he maintains, yet hides the fact that he has a gift for writing.