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1. Making It Happen…The Business Plan Workbook
To succeed in business, you must have a business plan. A step-by-step plan shows you how to do it. There is also a CD or audiocassette tape available.




2. Let’s Play!
For every group leader, instructor or teacher who had ‘extra’ time during those rainy days, ‘Let’s Play’ will help alleviate those boring moments. This exciting book includes an array of games, activities and brain teasers that will keep participants involved.




3. 100 Ways To Let Teens Know You Appreciate Them!
This book is for every parent and anyone who loves, cares for and works with teenagers in any capacity.




4. 100 Ways To Graduate From College On Time
Learn what it takes to beat the odds, establish relationships and work at achieving your goals in an effective manner.




5. 100 Ways To Raise Boys The Positive Way
Parenting is an everlasting journey that is ordained by God. Gregory F. Burton, Sr. shares the role of fatherhood and the impact it has on the life of raising three sons. The tips are timely, practical and applicable.



6. Grant Writing Made Easy - The Guide

It is a 200 billion dollar industry. The guide is filled with valuable information that is needed in navigating the maze of grant writing.

7. 100 Ways To Make It Happen

"Success is a combination of doing several small things consistently over a period of time. "Gregory F. Burton, Sr. 100 Ways To Make It Happen 'begins' and 'ends' with YOU!

8. 365 Inspirational Messages For Every Day Of The Year

Gregory F. Burton, Sr. provides inspirational thoughts throughout life's most pressing challenges. His day-to-day reflections will bring encouragement to your spirit.

9. Do It Now!

When was the last time you felt you were missing out on something you wanted to achieve? "Do It Now" has been written to help you make the decision today, that it will finally take place.